The structure of the test laboratory includes

Spectrochemical analysis group:

  • determination of the chemical composition of metals and determination of metal grade during renewal of defective parts;
  • determination of the chemical composition of steel parts for subsequent build-up;
  • determination of chemical composition of weld seams and base metal;
  • quality control of metals coming to the enterprise for confirmation of the certification data as well as determination and clarification in cases of its absence.

Group of vibration monitoring:

  • measurement of vibration of a wide class of machines:
    • measurement of vibration acceleration amplitude;
    • vibration velocity RMS measurement;
    • measurement of the vibration travel range.

Technical Diagnostics Group:

  • measurements of residual thicknesses of hull structures using ultrasonic method;
  • gas analyzing of the air environment.

Electrical Measurement Group:

  • insulation resistance measurement;
  • resistance measurements of earthing devices;
  • trials, testing of circuit breaker release units.

Metal Graphics Group:

  • research on metals and alloys.

Группа неразрушающего контроля:

  • контроль ферромагнитных материалов магнитопорошковым методом;
  • контроль сварных швов ультразвуковым методом;
  • контроль радиографическим методом;
  • капиллярный метод;
  • визуальный и измерительный контроль.

Physical-mechanical testing group:

  • determination of the properties of metals and alloys;
  • testing of metals and welded joints;
  • determination of hardness of metals and their alloys;
  • carrying out product tests (bolts, etc.).

Our pattern of work


1. Application

We are waiting for your application with basic parameters of the order.

2. Estimate

We prepare an estimate on the basis of the application.

3. Prepayment

In the third step, we sign the contract and wait for the prepayment.

4. Performance

After prepayment, we carry out the work under the contract.

5. Handover-acceptance of the order

After the work is completed, you check the result.

6. Postpayment

Once your order is turned in, you pay the remaining invoices.

7. Satisfied customer

Our phasing of the work involves taking the client’s opinion into account.