Dock refit of sea and river vessels (up to 9000 tons)

Including refit in in-house docks — up to 450 tons

Propeller-rudder systems:

  • repair of stern tube seals;
  • repair and lining of propeller shafts:
    • carbon steel build-up;
    • stainless steel build-up;
    • restoration and renewal of bronze lining of propeller shafts;
    • renewal of waterproof coating of the inter-liner spaces;
    • repair and restoration of propeller shaft tapers;
    • repair of propeller shaft tapers, adjusting of propellers and half-couplings with respect to propeller shaft body;
    • repair of cracks in propeller shafts.
  • repair of all types of steering gears;
  • repair of fixed pitch propellers and their blades.

Steel hulls of vessels:

  • renewal of plating sheets having complex camber up to 40 mm thick;
  • renewal of plating sheets having camber in one plane up to 40 mm;
  • steel hull defect survey with report issuing for Russian River Register, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Propulsion devices of dredging fleet vessels:

  • repair of dump scow (bottom dump) devices;
  • repair of dredgers buckets;
  • repair of bottom tumblers (BT) of bucket chain of, etc.

Restoration of hulls anti-corrosive coating:

  • sandblasting (SA 1 SA 2 SA3);
  • High Pressure Water Washing (HPW) applying epoxy paint and varnish materials with an airless spray gun;
  • application of MARATHON ice-resistant coating.


  • alignment of the shaft line;
  • repair of hull fittings of all types and sizes;
  • repair of thrusters of all types and sizes;
  • insulating woodwork on the vessel.

Repair of vessel mechanisms and systems

Deck mechanisms:

  • repair of windlass;
  • repair of winch;
  • repair of cargo gears;
  • repair of slewing davit gears.

Engine room mechanisms:

  • repair of compressors;
  • repair of separators;
  • repair of pumps;
  • repair of diesel engines;
  • repair of heat exchangers;
  • repair of reducers;
  • repair of the main thrust bearing.

Pipeline of engine-boiler room systems:

  • repair of firefighting systems;
  • repair of engine cooling systems;
  • repair of steam system;
  • insulation works on pipes.

Main engine:

  • Repair of gas turbochargers;
  • Repair of high pressure fuel pump and the like;
  • repair of bucket mechanisms;
  • repair of reverse reducers.


  • provision refrigeration plants;
  • wastewater collection and reprocessing plant;
  • repair and pressure testing of firefighting systems (CO2 unit);
  • repair of vessel hull attachments;
  • maintenance, inspection, repair, checks and trials of boats, launching equipment (davits and cranes), and hooks disengage gears;
  • repair of vessel engines gas turbochargers with dynamic balancing of turbine-rotors.

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