We work with the following types of electrical equipment:

  • ship automation;
  • power sources and excitation systems
  • switching and start-control equipment;
  • static and electrical converters, transformers;
  • control and signalling devices for automation equipment;
  • ship’s electrical networks;
  • automation equipment for shipboard power plants;
  • navigation equipment;
  • telephone exchanges and telephone networks;
  • DC and AC electric motors;
  • electromechanical converters.

Our pattern of work


1. Application

We are waiting for your application with basic parameters of the order.

2. Estimate

We prepare an estimate on the basis of the application.

3. Prepayment

In the third step, we sign the contract and wait for the prepayment.

4. Performance

After prepayment, we carry out the work under the contract.

5. Handover-acceptance of the order

After the work is completed, you check the result.

6. Postpayment

Once your order is turned in, you pay the remaining invoices.

7. Satisfied customer

Our phasing of the work involves taking the client’s opinion into account.