Targets and objectives

Strategic target:

To manufacture and provide products and services of the quality that fully meets customers’ requirements and expectations and ensure stable profits for the enterprise.


  • to strive for a level of quality that allows us to be the first on market;
  • to improve and enhance our working methods;
  • to ensure distribution of material, financial and other resources required for achievement of the quality objectives;
  • to improve the infrastructure, medium for process functioning and well-being of the staff.


  • to meet the requirements of international and national legislation;
  • to ensure implementation and compliance with up-to-date rules, norms when carrying out works;
  • to improve and maintain the organizational structure of the quality system;
  • to provide the resources necessary for compliance with quality policy, targets and responsibilities;
  • to strive to elimination of claims and defects with respect to all types of products;
  • to carry out internal quality inspections;
  • to eliminate the identified deficiencies according to the results of internal inspections;
  • to pay special attention to the quality of products received from external suppliers;
  • to allow only qualified personnel to perform the works.